Rock and Roll, the best music genre there is

Let me start with an actually rock song quote “I love rock and roll!”. Its true for me, I love rock and roll. There is seriously no other music type that compares to it. Even though everyone loves the junk the people are pipeing out, they are only doing it because they don’t know what real music is. When people say that rock and roll sucks, I’m like, “you shouldn’t be talking because you actually like the crap that everyone else likes” comment your favorite music genre bellow

Into the basement. A story by Nate

Billy was a normal kid in 1964. He had an old TV, a house, and friends. And just like every other house on his street, he also had a scary basement. And naturally, every winter when he and his family were eating dinner by the TV, his dad would say, “hey Billy, go get some firewood, I’m freezing’ to death”. Billy would always answer, with much reluctancy, “yes Daddy”. Each time Billy went down there, he thought it would be his last, and each time, he came back up without a scratch and with a bundle of logs for the furnace. That is, until one faithful night…

The night began normally enough, until his said “hey Billy, fetch us some firewood will ya?” this time when Billy went, he opened up the door. He stared down the dark stairway and groped for the light switch. When he didn’t find it, he turned around to ask his dad for help, only to have the door slammed in his face. He screamed and backed onto the landing. As he was catching his breath, he felt a cold hand close around his ankle. He shrieked again and grabbed for the door. But the grip refused to loosen and Billy was dragged into the dark. He awoke on a cold blanket and he let his eyes adjust to the dark. he could tell that he was in some kind of room and every 30 seconds, he could hear the shriek of another ill fated little kid. He decided to explore a bit and see what he could find but before he could move, he noticed that he was chains to some kind of pole. It looked sort of like foam except when he tried to break it, it felt hard as steel. He decided to just lay down and try to get back to sleep. But that was when he noticed the blood trickling from underneath him..

to be continued…

Giving or receiving. Which is better?

Which do you think is better, giving or getting? lets look over them both to make a pros and cons list!

Giving pros             

  • Warm feeling
  • You made someone happy
  • That person will love you
  • Good for attention

Giving cons

  • You don’t get something
  • You might have wanted that thing
  • You live with regret

Receiving pros

  • New cool thing
  • You can play with it now
  • That’s one more cool new thing
  • You get to make people’s day by saying thank you

Receiving cons

  • If you hate it you must say thank you anyway
  • No good feeling of giving
  • No good will towards men (and women)

personally, I can’t decide. Let me know which one you like better in the comments

My dog, the mystery

Comment if you can relate to this. My dog is weird but smart at the same time. Seriously, it’ll be cold and he will stand in front of a heater looking smug but then he’ll run into things at random. He’s so smart sometimes but other times, he’s really dumb. Like, when we got snow, he was warming himself on the heater when he started barking at the snow. I have now idea what goes on inside his head. Sometimes he starts crying when I go into Starbucks. I don’t know, right now, he’s chasing his tail. let me know if your pet is like this

Don’t mess with the timeline Barry

If anyone watches the flash, then you already know what’s happening, But if not, let me fill you in. So The Flash went back in time a bunch to change the timeline after everyone tells him not to. The last time he does it, he changes absolutely everything. So I’m here to ask “why the hell does Barry mess with the timeline when the god of speed tells him not to?!?!?!?”. It really annoyed the bejesus out of me when every one told him not to and than Barry’s like, “imma do it” comment if you know why.